Malachi1:6-11 Real Reverence For God

Philipians 3:12-14 Letting Go Of The Past

Revelations 21 Heaven

Numbers 13 Lessons From The 12 Spies

First Lesson Under New.Covenant

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 Every Act Counts

Colossians 3:1-5

Do You Know Jesus?

How A Seed Grows

Jeremiah 6:16

The Church

What Do You Think Of The Stars?

Be Thou An Example

If Men Go To Hell, Who Cares?

Speaking The Truth In Love

Things Surely Believed Among Us

Identifying The Church Of Christ Part 1

A Living Sacrifice

Identifying The Church Of Christ Part 2


Noah Part 1

Noah Part 2

Psalms 19 Nature

Psalms 19 Explicit and Implicit

Spiritual Fellowship

The Jacob Cycle


Part 1: Overview Rev. 1-13

Part 2: Rev. 1:1-3;19,20

Part 3:Rev. 1:1-3

Part 4: Rev. 1:12-18

Part 5: Rev. 2:1-7

Part 6: Rev. 4:1-11: Chp 4 and 5 summary

Part 7: Rev. 5:2-7, 6:1

Part 8: Rev 7:1-17

Part 9: Rev. 8:1-7;  9:20,21;  11:14-19

Part 10: Rev. 12

Part 11: Rev. 20

Elders Rule Well


Music In Worship Or Praise to God


The Church Of Christ

The Days Of Noah

The Treasury Part 1

The Treasury Part 2

What Is Truth?

An Old Testament View Of Calvary

Dealing With Doubt

The Foundation Of The Church

The Gospel And The Hope For Healing

The Hour Of Believing

The Tabernacle

The Taming Of A Wild Man

The Valley of Decision

Where Is Mt. Sinai And Why It Doesn't Matter

Who Established The Church Of Christ



Israel Wants A King


Saying No To Satan

The Corinthian Church

The Lord's Supper

Things Everyone Must Know To Please The Lord

Place, Day, Manner Of Worship Pt1

Place, Day, Manner Of Worship Pt2

Romans 2:1-11

The Spirit Of Man In Worship


Avoid Defection


Getting Our Minds Right

The Crucifixion


The Arrest Of Jesus

The Lord's Supper


I Died Last Night


Save The Children

Strange Sayings

Strong Delusions

The Church Of Christ

The Devil's Devices

The Greatest Life

The Greatest Story Ever Told

How Do We Get Into The Church?

Matthew 16

The Family Is Under Attack

The Holy Spirit


What Would It Take To Be A Citizen?


Once Saved Always Saved


Remember His Words

The Flesh Is Weak

The Superiority Of Jesus

More Than A Carpenter

The Busiest Day Of The Week

Zipcode Evangelism

Twelve Years To Go

A Baby, A Woman, A Man; Part 1

A Baby, A Woman, A Man; Part 2

For Life


Wishes For My Grandchildren

A Man Sent From God

A Door For The Devil

They Continued Stedfastly In The Apostles' Doctrine

Added To The Church


The Unexpected

Reign Of Grace

Doctrines Of Demons Part 1 of 3

Religious Prejudices Part 2 of 3

Religious Innovations Part 3 of 3

Second Mile Christianity

On A Sling And A Prayer

A series of nine lessons on LOVE.

From Dust To Glory

No King In Israel

Simon Saw

The Formula Of A Fool

The Righteousness Of God

The Story Of Her Glory

Christian Liberties

Threats To Marriage

Bridling The Tongue

The Sin Of Gambling

The Sin Of Intoxication

The Sin Of Lewdness